Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction video to my Child Safety and Child Protection course

    • Introduction video to my Child SafetyChild Protection Course

    • How should we be Petrolling and Preventing Child Abuse and Bullying in Clubs, Organisations and Institutions? Check out this link to my blog post with video about it

    • The Arch Angels Network Introduction video

    • Here is a video about How A child loses their life every single day due to Child Abuse and Bullying

    • Children being bullied and the after effects

    • Here is a new Video talking about Kids and Sex

    • Working with the Police and Extra Measures you can take when running a kids club

    • Typical Traits of Child Abusers and Bullies

    • Never live in fear there is always support and help, should you know or are a victim of abuse or bullying

    • Victamisation one of the most Comment Traits in Abusers and Bullies

    • Others things that Abusers and Bullies to

    • Single Parents Living Housing Estates

    • Mutation/Another type of Child Abuse and should be acted upon to report it

  • 2

    Child Safety/Child Production Course

    • Internet, Ipad and Android/smart devices

    • Monitoring Screen time and keeping them safe from offensive websites, programmes and videos

    • Playdates with other families and running a sports or children's club

    • Letting kids play outside

    • If you do lose a child or a child goes missing

    • Leaving kids unattended

    • Teaching kids to be safe online and what rules you and they should follow to keep them safe at all times

    • Children attending a sports organisation club and First Aid training information

    • Children's mental health, anti-bullying and having respect for other children and adults in a childcare setting

    • Child Safety Printout of Looking after kids and helping them thrive in life

    • An Example of Cybery Bullying

    • Two Part Video/5 Tips on Keeping Kids Safe Outdoors

  • 3

    Printable Sheets to help Kids Clubs and Organisations take extra precautions to keep them safe all the time

    • Second Part of 5 Tips on Keeping Kids Safe Outdoors, as this is about Abusers and Bullies Covering for others who abuse and bully and the BeSmart Online Campaign

    • Check out My Child Safety and Protection EBook which I have designed to support those who want to Run Kids Clubs and to help Parents keep their kids safe from Abusers and Bullies

    • 5 skills for your kids wellness

    • Keeping kids safe on the internet

    • End of Course